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  1. What are aperture, shutter speed and ISO?  Aperture is an adjustable hole in the lens, shutter speed is a setting that determines how fast your camera captures your subject, and ISO is how sensitive your camera is to light. 
  2. When would you need to change your ISO?  You would need to change your ISO when you’re inside or outside of a building.
  3. What is aperture and shutter priority settings? Aperture and shutter priority is when you can choose the aperture and shutter.
  4. What are AF modes how do you change them? AF modes are  One-shot AF, Servo AF and AI Autofocus.
  5. Why do you need to meter the light to get the right exposure? What you need is figure out how much lighting you want in your photo.
  6. What is white balance and why would you need to change it? White balance is when the camera adjust how colors are rendered.
  7. What is depth of field and what is the difference between shallow and good? Depth of field is the distance between the subject and background.
  8. What are drive modes and metering modes? Drive and metering modes help with metering the light and with self taking photos.
  9. What is exposure compensation? Exposure compensation is measure how much light you want in your photo.

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