• Prime lens only have a focal length
  • Zoom lenses variable focal lengths
  • Kit lens is a basic type of lens that comes with a camera in a kit
  • There are different settings in mm of focal lengths
  • There is a proper way to remove lenses from cameras
  • Three things contribute to exposure
  • ISO, aperture, and shutter speed
  • ISO stands for International Organization for standards
  • It is numbers that are used to describe sensitivity to light
  • It is now used to describe the sensitivity of sensors
  • more available light = lower ISO
  • while  less available light = higher ISO
  • Shutter speed is how long the shutter will open
  • choose your shutter speed based on situations
  •  Tripods are used to keep the camera still as you take photos
  • Without tripods it can cause camera shakes
  • stabilizes images
  • Aperture is known as the f stop
  • smaller aperture means wider opening
  • faster aperture has bigger aperture
  • Depth of field is large aperture and shallower depth of field
  • ISO is grain or noise
  • aperture is depth of field
  • shutter speed is blur
  • White balance is the camera setting adjusting how colors look

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