Motion Blur


5 tips for motion blur 

  • you can capture movement where people are which is anywhere.
  • when shooting with bike movement you can use slow sync flash.
  • Dance is a great way to capture for motion blur.
  • choose a slow shutter speed when capturing animals and people.
  • to add interest to a portrait you can have your subject carry and item.


Body Shape and Form


Present your opinion of the work’s success or failure.

I think that this was a success since I really wanted to capture the eyes of my model and her hand placements as I took these photos but as always, I can improve as I go as well. 

What qualities of the work make you feel it is a success or failure?

The qualities of the work that made me feel like it was a success was as I said before capturing the eyes and hand placement. While also trying to hope it’s, vibe matched the concept. 

What criteria can you list to help others judge this work?

A criterion could be rating from 1-5.  1 being I really need to figure out what I specifically wanted to capture to 5 being that I did good and followed the concept well.

Describe how the work makes you think or feel. Support your statement with what in the work leads you to feel those emotion

This makes me feel how happy I was to see what I could create and manifest through just a photograph since in the photos they were what I wanted it to look like and just added more detail to it after.

Keith Haring

Keith Haring, Pop Shop I For Sale - Denis Bloch Fine Art Gallery Beverly Hills

The reason why I like this one is because I think it has the meaning of togetherness and family. How family matters and can bring joy to your world. I feel like it also means being supported by others too. Since the littlest character is being helped up by the larger ones. So, Family and being supported by them is what I see from this portrait from Keith Haring

Ted Talk Reflection

What I learned throughout this video is that photograph is all about the moment. What we can get from that moment. Especially when you want to create a reality that fits your narrative of art. Photographs seeming real can be combined from different photographs come from your own imagination. They can be used to make photo surrealism.

Where images are seen as nonrealistic and can come from ideas in your head. There were many different parts to realism and can be planned of whatever you want. The base of this surrealism is imagination and can really show the creativity of others as they are shown on different magazines and sites. Imagination can give you great ideas or your stuck between what you want. Either way when it comes down to your imagination it can also be inspiration for others.

Overall, photo surrealism is a process that has many layers to it. As you can go from two plain photo to one big picture. When imagination takes flight nothing else matters. Along with inspiration being by it’s side.

Job Search

  1. Photographer offered by Quad

2.Photographer/sales associate offered by Summit Portraits

For both their qualifications both require 1-3 years of experience in photography, Quad wants resumes and to see the work you have from before while Summit portraits wants ability to work with or without people.  I don’t really meet the qualifications, but I could if I furthered my career in photography. What I would need is a lot of experience and communications skills.

Emani Campbell Per.2

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