Photography Career tree

Photography careers I would be interested in is a art director, artist, and Commerical photographer. They all seem to have something in common with one another. Since for of them you have to be creative and see the vision of what either you or your client wants. Like for a art director you have to envision and guide others on how you want the production to go. Which can be something that you have control of.

Just like with an artist I chose those one because you’re in control of all your art. Whether its paintings, designs, or music. No matter what you don’t have to depend much on others since you’re your own person. As an artist all you will have to do is understand yourself and how you want things to go.

For commercial photographer I was considering this position because it seems like a great way to express your creativity. There is just so much you can do with your commercials, while already having the experience of working with a camera. Overall, these career paths seem like good ones to consider and even though I won’t be any of these it was nice to know and understand them.

Food photography


What I enjoy about these two photos that were taken is how good they look. Since in the pancake one they are pouring syrup on it. While with the other they displayed the dish beautifully. But both have great lighting, and this can affect the outcome of the photos in many ways. 

The lighting and composition with the food make you crave it because of how glittery and sparkly it looks, with how the light is reflecting on the food. It makes the food look appetizing and good to eat. Overall, the reflection of the lighting can on the food can make someone crave it. 

10 tips:

  • You can work with a great team.
  • You can do amazing work on your own.
  • Sauces or syrups can count as decor.
  • Keep your food fresh looking.
  • You can replace dishes if the food starts looking messy.
  • Make sure to capture the details.
  • Use a lot of natural lighting.
  • You can’t have too much going on your plate.
  • Use shadow depth of field.
  • Most of all have fun with taking the photos.

Photo essay

Through photography I have grown to appreciate the many types of photography. The one that has really stood out to me is fashion photography. The photographer that I chose to write about for my favorite photographer is David LaChapelle. I feel he has amazing artwork and a beautiful style to his work. LaChapelle’s work is really bright and stands out very well with the many colors and even he models as well. As you can see in this photo below, he has a way of making his work capture the attention of his audience whether you know him or not.  


His style is very bright and colorful when it comes to fashion photography. He knows how to add a wow factor to his work. Like as you can see in the photo above the women is wearing a bright red or orange gown kind of that blends in with the background which is volcanos. Not only is his model blended in with her outfit, but the color of the outfit also brings out her skin tone and hair. Which adds to her beauty as she is positioned in front of these volcanic eruptions. The sky also adds to the scenery since the blue of the sky adds kind of a neutral tone to the photograph.  


David LaChapelle’s work in this work photograph can capture the eyes of many. As he makes the prepares his work to stand out in a crowd. Especially with these two photographs.  I don’t really know how he has gotten his work, but I will try to explain from what I see how he places and achieves his results in this photograph. From the looks of it he places the ships at an angle to show off the writing and this as well as the details of the person who created these ships. He also places the women more off to the side of the photo, but she is still facing the camera to capture not just her but everything else as well. He also places a cherry blossom branch and maybe adds more lighting from above to make it brighter and so that the scenery in the back can come to life. 


David LaChapelle uses many ways to bring his work. Many may know his work from Travis Scott as well as pictures of models like Naomi Campbell and others. His techniques to not only get fashion/ pop art photographs out amaze me. Since from the examples used and in which he has many more that create beautiful pictures and messages. He has inspired me to even if photography isn’t passion to at least keep taking pictures that could stand out to even just one person.


Overall, David LaChapelle’s work is great to me and has really shown me how big you can go with fashion photography. As long as you have the mindset, budget, and creativity you can bring your artistic dreams to life. His work will always amaze me and inspire me to dream.

Emani Campbell Per.2

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